Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tiny Timothy

Nearly all of our pets have just appeared! Timothy was no exception. As I pulled into our drive, I cranked up the radio so I could continue to listen to the talk show as I crossed the street to check our mailbox. I kept hearing a mewing sound that wasn't part of the radio jargon. I looked in the weeds near the road and there was a little gray kitten, yowling away! I reached for him and he backed away slightly before his curiosity overcame him and he came to me. As we drove down the driveway together there was lots of mewing and purring going on!

I knew Timothy was probably covered in fleas, so I asked Mark to bring the cat carrier to the car. We transported him to the bathroom and the bathing, meowing and scratching began! I managed to comb off at least 25 fleas before they subsided. We dried him and put a flea collar on. I treated our other two cats, Holly and Tad, just in case a few fleas were missed or had jumped ship on the way to the bathroom. We set up a "Timothy" area in the guest bathroom, complete with kitten food, water, a cat box, and a little basket with a blanket.

The vet gave Timothy various shots and a clean bill of health. He told us that Timothy is about 3 months old. We are happy about our newest family addition. Now if only Holly and Tad will share in our enthusiasm!


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  1. Later we took Timothy to the vet to be neutered. We received a phone call that all was going well and "she" had been spayed! We renamed her Tonya!