Saturday, October 11, 2014

They Come in Threes!

I've always heard "bad news come in threes"! That means the problems that lead to the bad news must "come in threes" also. When problems come your way, you can respond with anger and frustration or learn a lesson and laugh at yourself!

EVENT NUMBER 1. I received a much-appreciated gift: a reservation to attend the "dress rehearsal" for a local restaurant that was about to open! Not eating out often, I looked forward to this event with much anticipation! The day arrived and my husband and oldest daughter met me at the restaurant.

Our waiter was obviously new to the profession. He was being shadowed by a more experienced waiter who advised him when needed. The new waiter was trying hard to do a good job, but you could tell he was quite nervous. As we were finishing our appetizer, he arrived with drink refills. He held the wobbly tray high, shifting the heavy, full glasses around while he tried to take off the refill of root beer. Well....I'm sure you've guessed by now....the entire tray tipped, the root beer came crashing down onto the top of my husbands glass of water, breaking the glass, and sending root beer and water all over the table and my husband!

Four or five employees, including the manager, rushed over and began sopping up the mess. Our poor waiter stood with a rag in hand looking like he was trying to decide if he should dry my husband off! He wisely chose to just hand over the towel.

When our table was cleaned and my husband adequately dried, our meal continued. We enjoyed the rest of our evening and got a gift card and good story to boot!

EVENT NUMBER 2.  We had come to the restaurant in separate cars. As I traveled down hill towards home, I passed a waiting county sheriff! I was tired and not particularly paying attention to the speed my car had picked up. I looked down at my speedometer as I passed the sheriff.....bad news! He pulled out behind me and just followed me for a minute. Could it be that he hadn't noticed my speed? No, he was just politely waiting until we approached a safe place to turn off! On came the lights and I turned down a side street, out of traffic.

As the officer took my license, he asked if there was a reason for my speed and I told him that I was not paying attention as I coasted down the hill. He then asked if I had insurance and I told him I did. I reached for the paper, opened it to hand it to him, and noticed the date had expired!!! Informing him of this, he assured me he would check when he ran my license.

I sat in the car, swatting mosquitoes, and lamenting my decision to not monitor my speed and not download a current insurance card!! I certainly didn't want a ticket, but I was at fault!

The officer returned with my insurance and license. As I accepted them, he asked if I had noticed that BOTH my registration and inspection were past due!!! I was flabbergasted! In disgust at my own neglect, I threw my hands up to my head and stared in could so many things be wrong at one traffic stop!

He asked how quickly I could get my car inspected and I replied, "right away"! I gratefully accepted his warning and started again toward home! I guess the reason for his grace was that I have not been ticketed since the early 80s or even stopped for anything since the late 90s! I really do try to obey traffic laws!

EVENT NUMBER 3. The next day I was determined to get my car inspected. Working later than planned, I had to skedaddle to try to find an open shop.

I hoped to go to the 10-Minute Inspection Stop but as I approached I noticed all the doors were was closed! I figured that would be the case for them all and I started home in frustration that I had stayed at work too long!

Right down the road I spotted an oil-change business that had an inspection emblem posted. It was open! I quickly entered the turn lane and pulled in. The employee who came out assured me there was time for my inspection before closing and I pulled around to the back, leaving the car for the air-conditioned waiting room.

As I was the only customer there, I busied myself playing a game, watching TV, and chatting with the manager. I played more games, watched more TV, and exhausted all common topics with the manager. He and I began looking toward the far bay where the inspection was taking place. The manager told me he would go help the man with the inspection to hurry it along.

Curiously I went outside two check on the two of them. The manager told me that the man inspecting my car had entered the wrong date and was doing the wrong emissions test on my car. He said they would have to start over!

Finally, a good hour and a half after I arrived, my inspection was complete! As I paid, I told the manager that I would now think of this shop as the "WAY MORE THAN 10-MINUTE" inspection station! He gave me an uneasy smile. Unlike the restaurant owner, he offered no gift card!

I mused over the last two days in somewhat disbelief. I could either be very annoyed or slightly amused. I chose to be amused....and to write a blog post!