Saturday, April 9, 2016

Freeze Setback; Opportunity for an Experiment!

While I do enjoy the fruits of my labor, my garden is for relaxation and enjoyment and I try to never stress over it. I take precautions in the cases of freeze or hail. Afterwards I just work with what is left and move on. This year is a good example of that.

I started my plants indoors in a makeshift greenhouse.
I draped a curtain over the bakers rack to retain heat from the window.

I prepared for a freeze that happened the week after I put my
plants out by putting pots and buckets over the new plants.
Unfortunately, new plants were severely affected by the freeze!
Knowing how tomatoes send out new leaves at the joints,
I decided to continue to water the damaged plants.
All but 4 tomatoes and peppers are have either recovered or
are sending out leaves at the joints!
It seems that this year's tomatoes and peppers will be an experiment. I will allow them to grow and note how they do. I'm interested to see whether the plants will be hardy after this setback.