Thursday, December 24, 2015

Beeladee: Christmas Eve with the Queen!

We've had quite warm temperatures this week leading up to Christmas. A couple of days have been in the low 80s! My garden and bees are loving it!

A significant cold front is forecast for this weekend. I planned a quick hive inspection to check food stores on the brood comb needed for the bees survive this cold snap.

I have been concerned about my hive since it went into winter with a very low population. ( Brood Break or New Queen ) Fortunately not many bees have been lost during our slight freezes.

I opened the hive with the sole intention of a quick check, not a thorough inspection. I did not want to break the propolis on each bar causing the bees to have to expend extra energy to reseal the bars against the cold. I moved the bars at first four at a time and, when I started seeing activity, two at a time. As I casually glanced over one frame, there she was... my golden queen! I was so excited since I haven't seen her in quite a while. I usually console myself with the fact that seeing evidence of a queen is just as good as seeing the queen, but I know that I'd much rather see the queen any old day! After all, she is special, she is THE QUEEN!

I carefully noted the presence of syrup. The rosemary is blooming and the bees have been quite busy. They did eat most of the capped honey they had stored going into the fall. If this cold snap continues too long, I'll supplement, but right now, there is enough syrup for them to cap.

Catching sight of the queen was an early Christmas present. It makes me smile! Long live the queen!

I centered the queen so she would be easy to spot in this shot!