Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pajamas...not a garden story!

I wanted to write a story about pajamas. It is rather a random thought and since I can't devote an entire blog to random thoughts, I decided I'd just stick it here!

I'd been lusting after a particular pair of pajamas for quite some time. I was first beckoned by their cute colors, a quiet green and dark grey. Upon closer inspection I had noticed the exquisite softness and gentle drape. I LOVED these pajamas! I looked at the tags (they were priced separately, like you'd only want a top or bottom!) The top was $36 and the bottom $38... that's $74 before tax!! Who pays over $74 for pajamas? I moped away to shop more practically!

I returned to this store a couple of weeks later and made a beeline to visit my pajamas. I once again touched their softness, held them next to me and lauded their qualities: they even had a cap sleeve that would not cut into my shoulder and would keep my shoulder warm if by chance it happened to slip out from under the blanket! Plus, this time they were on sale: 20% off! I took out my calculator and subtracted 20% from $74....hmm that's $59! Who pays over $59 for pajamas? One last touch and loving glance and I sulked off.

About 3 weeks later I again entered the store armed with a $10 store coupon plus a coupon for 30% off. Would they still be on sale? Would my size still be available? I hurried to the Intimates Section to face my fate. They were still on sale..this time 40% off!!!! I fumbled with my calculator and made the calculations...40% off $74 is $44... minus $10 is $34... minus 30% is $23!!!!! I CAN pay $23 plus tax for my beautiful, perfect pajamas!!!! And I did!



My perfect pajamas!!


  1. HAHA! I bet they feel extra cozy after all that!

  2. Two things...if you want the pajamas so bad that you can't stop thinking about're supposed to get them. I'm glad you did...and at such a bargain. 2nd can devote and entire blog to random thoughts. It's your blog...there are no rules!

    Love your pajamas!

    1. Thanks, Karen! I wore every night for 3 weeks (I did wash them during that time!)