Thursday, August 2, 2012

More Zucchini Pests!

I've become an avid squash bug squasher and have managed to keep these persistent pests at bay! Now I have a new zucchini enemy: mealy bugs! I have been removing infested leaves and squashing these little furry creatures daily. The problem seems to be improving.

Yesterday I found a new type of insect eggs! Egad! I passionately cut the stem and carried the eggs to the trash!

Later that evening as I was relaxing after dinner, I looked up images of insect eggs on Google. There were the eggs I had cut off! I eagerly opened the page only to find that they were lacewing eggs and were beneficial! Off to the trash can I hurried and fished them out, placing them back in the garden by the zucchini plants! Whew! Time and experience will create a gardener of me yet!

Mealy bugs

Lacewing eggs

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