Friday, August 31, 2012

August Rain Totals

During summer break, I often go to my neighbor's house once a week for "Girls Time". On August 13th, we sat in the sweltering heat in her breezeway. The temperature suddenly dropped, the breeze kicked up, and a surprising little lightening storm swept in! It was wonderful! The drops were hitting so hard that they formed a little mist that blew against my arms, legs and even my face. It was delicious! The total rainfall from this gem of a storm was 4/10ths of an inch!

On August 18th, another sweet rain started up while I was at school setting up my room. I was hoping that it was also falling on my garden at home. Turns out we collected 2/10ths of an inch in the rain gauge. Later that night, another happy shower deposited 2/10ths of an inch more!

Other than that, we only had some teasing thunder in the distance, but I won't complain. 8/10ths of an inch of rain is good for August in Texas!

This picture was actually taken earlier this summer, but it looks nice here!


  1. Love the fractions! You should give your class a little bit of fraction problem solving! :)

    1. Just saw your comment. It had been put in a "spam" folder! Guess I know to check there now :).
      Yes, I could kill two birds with one stone, teach personal narrative and fractions at the same time! Thanks for reading.

  2. We'll keep praying and hoping for rain ...