Sunday, November 1, 2015

Knitwit: Baby Hats!

To keep my hands busy, I usually knit on Sunday mornings during home church. I have knitted a variety of items over the years such as hats, scarves, cushion covers and socks.

A few months ago, I took stock of the various leftover yarn in my stash. None was enough for anything big. After considering several projects, I decided I would knit baby hats for one of the local hospitals. I contacted a friend who works with babies in a neonatal unit and she said the hospital would love to give them out to new parents!

Over the past few months I have knitted several baby hats in a variety of sizes. No two are exactly alike, since I make them up as I go along. The only constant is the needle size (8 double points) and a multiple of four stitches for each hat. A multiple of four lends itself to a many patterns and is an easy number to decrease.  

I have knitted for nearly 40 years now and enjoy it as much now as when I first learned!

Baby Hats (most are knitted, but a couple are crocheted)!


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