Sunday, March 17, 2013

Knitwit: Sock Story

I'm a doer and I have trouble sitting still. Watching a movie, even reading, is hard for me. I fidget, wiggle, stand, sit, and walk around. It is very distracting to everyone, especially me!  So every Sunday I try to have a knitting or crochet project going during church. This keeps my hands occupied and helps me focus. Since socks are one of these projects, I call them Sunday socks!!
I had made socks in the past but was intrigued by a book showing a method of knitting two socks at one time using circular needles. One Sunday about six weeks ago, I started my new project!
At first I was quite clumsy! I kept twisting the cable, getting confused about which sock I was working on and "laddering" when I went from one needle to the next! To keep track of which sock was which, I attached pink and blue yarn markers. Now the socks had names: the blue was Adam (he came first!) and the pink was Eve! Soon I worked through all these difficulties and my socks were on their way!!
The book I used and the beginning of my socks.
The number one advantage of this method was that when you were done you had TWO finished socks! Another benefit was that I didn't have to make detailed notes when I wanted to stray from the pattern. Since I knitted the socks simultaneously, I just changed the same thing in the sock's mate immediately after I knitted it in the original sock!
While I would not recommend this process to a new knitter, one who is experienced in knitting, particularly knitting socks, will find it fun and rewarding!
Finished Sunday socks!
 Happy knitting!!!

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