Saturday, July 7, 2012

Figs 102!

I was having a hard time reaching several ripe figs. I don't mind sharing with the birds, but too many rotting figs draw ants and don't leave a pleasant odor in the yard! One day I voiced my lament to my neighbor as he and I were picking figs. He told me how he made a fruit picker out of a tin can mounted on a stick! Aha! The next morning I got busy making my version of the fruit picker. It is pictured below. I just used stuff I found in the garage. I'm sure there are lots of variations to this idea. Today I gathered over 3 pounds of figs and put them in the freezer!!!

I screwed a shallow can to an old axe handle.

I covered the screw with wax so it wouldn't damage the soft figs.

I used wire cutters for the thick edge and tin snips to cut a slit in the can.

Here is the finished product!

Another batch of figs ready for the freezer!

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