Sunday, July 26, 2015

Grapes Galore!

This year's unusual amount of rain made it possible for an abundant amount of wild grapes! My daughter picked 1/2 a bushel for wine. A week later I went back and picked 4 more pounds of grapes for juice!

For complete directions to make your own grape juice, read the blog post Grape Juice 101.

Rinsing grapes in the sink

Stems removed

Sterilizing jars and getting boiling water ready
Unprocessed front jars and processed back jars

Processed juice will set in the closet for 6 weeks


  1. How nice that you were able to find wild grapes. Sounds like you have been really busy!

  2. We have several vines around the property. This one is actually on our neighbor's property, but they don't pick the grapes. There were so many just hanging over the fence that I didn't have to go into their property to get enough! They make wonderful jelly too, but the juice is so easy to make!

  3. Those are beautiful jars! My grapes didn't do much this year since I didn't prune them early enough because of new baby. Next year, I'm hoping I can be more on top of it and have a better grape crop. Have a great weekend!