Monday, May 27, 2013

There's No Place Like Home

Our home is my favorite place to be! Whenever I get time off from work, I want to spend it at home. There is so much to do there that I enjoy!

On weekends or during the summer I love to get up early and sit in my pajamas, enjoying a cup of coffee. Often one of our cats will climb onto my lap or lay at my feet and take another snooze. With blinds open to initial darkness, dawn slowly illuminates the valley. Whether draped in fog, frost, snow, rain, or sunshine, each view is equally welcome!

Morning Fog

Mornings and evenings are perfect for a walk. Sometimes it is down our long driveway, other times out in the open field, there is always something new to see: a monarch chrysalis, killdeer, jackrabbits, bunny rabbits, deer, an undiscovered fossil, barrel cactus, roadrunners, ring tail cats, coyotes, a fox, various songbirds etc. I always look forward to what awaits!

Monarch Chrysalis

Watering and tending my garden brings much satisfaction. Knowing the food I harvest is pesticide free and grown from non-GMO seeds is important to me. I snip here, tie off there, even squash now and again to keep everything in order.

My Garden

Every day when I first go outside or come home from work, I go to my hive and watch my honey bees! As I work in the garden or go for a walk, their busy buzzing is a pleasant accompaniment. I never tire of watching worker bees as they visit each blossom foraging for nectar.

Honey Bees on Late-season Figs

We are far enough out from the city that we have decently-dark skies at night. Lying in the back of the truck, or sometimes just out on the warm driveway, I thrill at the sight of meteorites streaking across the heavens! I still enjoy the slow and steady reflection of satellites as they crisscross the sky. If we've had enough rain, the frogs' serenade is loud and sometimes accompanied by coyote howls as they call to each other through the fields.

Moon and Venus

Home has a special place in my heart as I'm sure it does in the hearts of many. As Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz, there's no place like home!


  1. I agree. There's is no place like home. But I am a total homebody.
    Your garden is far ahead of mine. I'm jealous.

  2. I am such a homebody, too. Drives my family crazy. My favorite thing is to stay home for several days in a row doing whatever I want with no schedule!