Sunday, December 30, 2012

So Long Sweet Spot!

All of our cats and dogs have just come to us. Even though we have not searched for them, once they were here we have accepted them into our family. Each one uniquely fills a place in our home and hearts. One special family member who came several years ago was our beloved cat Spot!

He appeared on a Thursday, briefly, then again on Friday permanently! That particular Friday I was hosting a group of children at my home for a celebration. Amid the hubbub, Spot wondered around like he had always been here. He had chosen us as his family!

My husband, Mark, runs his business from home and Spot became his constant outdoor companion, As Mark sat in his "thinking" place on the outside swing, Spot was right there at his side. Spot greeted me every morning as I left for work and every evening when I returned. He went on long evening walks and monitored goat-feeding time. Although he visited in the house from time to time, he preferred to be outside in the middle of the action!

Spot disappeared near the end of last October. We posted signs all around the area and called everyone who lived close asking them to be on the lookout. Over the next week we walked though fields, searched brush and called for him up and down the road near our house. All was to no avail.

Every morning and evening I still look around expecting to see him wandering up. He has been a fixture at our home for so long; we miss him. I have delayed mourning but since it has been over two months, I guess I finally must accept that he is not coming back.

Even though he is only precious to our family, I felt a need to honor his life and memory here. I'm sure many of you have had a special pet and understand my feelings of loss.

Sweet Spot

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