Monday, March 21, 2016

Senior Discount!

There is no magic number representing "old age". Usually it is a state of mind or a reality of arthritis. One deals with the dawning of this idea over time. It creeps up and slowly you adjust. When thrust upon you it comes as a shock!

My shock started this way: I went to Bealls to shop. I had not been in some time. As I approached the check-out, I was asked to produce my Senior Discount Card! I stammered that I didn't have one and was politely asked if I wanted to sign up! The sales clerk "reminded me" that I would get 20% off since I came in on Tuesday! I barely heard her comments as I was mulling over this new info.... what was the magic age of a discount at Bealls: 55, 60, 65? How old did I look to this lady?! She hadn't even asked to see my driver's license!

The idea that this was an isolated incident, perpetuated by an unobservant sales lady was soon shattered! I was at a local tire dealership getting some long-needed work done on my car. Minutes dragged into hours as I watched infomercial after infomercial on the TV in the waiting area. Finally hunger drove me next door to the Taco Bell. I ordered a couple of small items to tide me over until my car was finished and sat down to eat. Soon the cashier showed up with an empty paper cup. She told me that I'd forgotten my cup. I accepted, but was a bit puzzled. Soon I approached the cashier and told her that she must be mistaken for I had brought my own water and hadn't ordered a drink. She told me that it was for my free "senior" tea! I'm not sure if the shock showed on my face, but I felt it! MY SENIOR TEA! There it was....obviously I look like a senior citizen!

I've decided to embrace the new "senior" me! I've actually looked up senior discounts on the internet and found I do qualify for some. During a recent trip to Whataburger, I boldly approached to counter and ordered my free cup of coffee. Sadly I wasn't carded, and it was handed over with a smile. I guess the new "senior" me is here to stay! Now, where did I put my keys?!

       We celebrated the 100th day of school by dressing as old people. 
  One of my students asked me why I was dressed up since I 
 was already old! I told her that I wasn't 100 years old!
(photo used with permission)